Bhaleshwar Sekhon

Premium Devonport

Bhaleshwar’s formula is simple,
Honesty + Integrity + Trust = Long Term Relationship.

Bhaleshwar started his career in Hospitality, where he quickly understood that being customer focused is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Being people focused is what also helped him move into a management role, where he helped the team succeed in achieving their goals.

After completing his Bachelors of Business (Operations Management) he transitioned into the Aviation Industry, where his ability to understand processes helped him achieve success. During this time he worked in many different departments where worked on improving his problem solving skills. He believes this exact skill helped him to move into a supply chain management role. In that role his calm and transparent approach was what led him to successfully complete a multi-million dollar Helicopter Upgrade Project.

Bhaleshwar’s love for the Northshore’s pristine beaches, friendly people and great food started a long time back, which is why he now calls it home.

He is on a mission to help people achieve their property goals. This is why his motto is “Licensed to help people”

So if you are ready to move on your goals call him now.

Bhaleshwar Sekhon

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Mobile    021 217 1792
DDI    (+64 9) 930 1615
Office    (+64 9) 445 3414